RYBO & Lubelski by Link Miami Rebels

Fri 22nd November at 11 PM

Floyd | Map

21 and over



If there’s anyone who knows how to throw the dance floor into complete mayhem its these two dusty cats!

The young, up-and-coming house prodigy RYBO has been a staple member of the Desert Hearts family for the past three years, taking part in not only the festival itself, but also a number of one-off parties, showcases, and City Hearts tour stops.

Lubelski is a California native, electronic music producer whose work in House and Techno has seen his love of psychedelia and the everlasting groove sculpt a new niche in West Coast dance music.

Multi-instrumentalist and self-proclaimed audiophile, Lubelski utilizes analog gear, vinyl sampling, and unique styles of synthesis to create refreshing beats undefined by trends.

Offering a diverse range of sounds that exist somewhere in between the realms of psychedelia, world, disco, and rave, his passion for music and eclecticism has resulted in records that have the ability to not only make you dance, but also think and laugh.


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