Egyptian Lover

Sat 9th November at 11 PM

Floyd | Map

21 and over


Egyptian Lover

One of the most innovative producers of the old-school/electro era!

Egyptian Lover recorded a parade of singles during the mid-’80s that proved influential for decades.

Influenced himself by Kraftwerk/hip-hop soundclashes like Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock” and Man Parrish’s “Hip-Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop),” as well as the extroverted black-lover soul of Prince and Zapp, Broussard began recording from his Los Angeles base in 1983.

One year later, he emerged with the breakdancing anthem “Egypt, Egypt,” released on the Freak Beat label.

True to his sound and the evolution of music, Egyptian Lover brings a feeling to the dancefloor like no other!