Inevitable Daydream at The Green Door Store

Wed 23rd August at 11 AM

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21 and over


Inevitable Daydream
After releasing one of the best albums of the year and a mind blowing launch show, Inevitable Daydream return to Brighton to melt your lovely faces once again.

If you’re silly and haven’t checked out the album ’ I Will Get to The Sky on these Strong Legs’ yet, check it out here -

and of not forgetting other bangers –

Melt Dunes

Aggro Psych///Sweatshop Pop – Southampton/Portsmouth

Listen to their latest single ’Flesh Here -

“The chimes of a dark organ greet you into the cripplingly oblique neverworld of Melt Dunes, before the band’s two guitarists greet you with an occultist wall of noise, invasive to the extreme. Every second of Flesh’s six minute runtime teams with urgency: cosmic organs, punchy, whirring guitars, and a command of dynamics allow Melt Dunes to really make the darkest guitar driven noise you’ll ever here. In fact, listening to it, you half expect satan to rise from the floorboards and buy your soul. The first great song by one of the country’s greatest live bands.” – Vapour Trails

The Mighty Orchid King

Psych – St Albans

Very pleased to have The Mighty Orchid King back to GDS to add some more psychy flavours, huge live band so make sure to come check them out.

In the meantime listen to their last EP ’ Nothing Ever Happened’ here –

“This sprawling and honest mess is the result, a record indebted equally to Antipodean psychedelia and Laurel Canyon harmonies, telling tales of love, alienation and apocalypse” – The Mighty Orchid King

After smashing it at their single launch earlier this month, Dirty will be warming up you bodies by “Combining dark winding bass lines and screeching psychedelic guitar giving a grungy punch to top of erratic drum beats and forcefully pumped lyrics”

Wednesday 23rd August
Doors 7:00pm
£3 adv