This Saturday! House Music Bliss: Mark Grant, DJ Heather, Gene Hunt, T. Mixwell, DSC

This Saturday! House Music Bliss: Mark Grant, DJ Heather, Gene Hunt, T. Mixwell, DSC

  • December 12, 2015 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM
  • evilOlive
    1551 W. Division St., Chicago, US
  • Ages 21 and over
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dirty digital episode 22 - heather van viper
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Saturday, December 12th, 2015

This Saturday! When DJs Awe! House Music’s Elite Take Centerstage, Mark Grant, DJ Heather, Gene Hunt, T. Mixwell, DSC, Dj Blazz, Manthom Phenace, Olivia Outrage, Kazmeer, and V/III DJ in 2 Rooms of Music! Text Awe to 312 659 6922 To Get in Free =)

Allay Soul and Evil Olive Present:

Main Room: House Music

Mark Grant

What makes a legend: longevity, fame, respect or a combination of the three? Label owner, songwriter, producer and DJ, Mark Grant has been making legendary moves for 23 years now. He is a world traveled DJ with a non-stop tour schedule secured by a fan base that stretches from his hometown Chicago, to as far as Istanbul. Hes produced a number of songs and remixes that have garnered him the respect of his peers and music media. Put it all together and you have an internationally known, well-respected talent who has shown incredible resilience in an industry of one-hit wonders. Its true, Mark Grant has the stuff of legend, but with no signs of stopping, dont call him one, just yet.

DJ Heather

DJ Heather was named one of Chicago’s Top Forty-Five Artists alongside Kanye West, Billy Corgan and Green Velvet!

In the past few years the Chicago house community has produced a number of innovative and distinct djs trained in the art of transforming tranquil dance floors into spaces of sheer bedlam and bliss. Their committed vision of undiluted musical appreciation, interactive communication, improvisation and basic integrity has brought greater attention to all the city’s great djs including the genre busting DJ Heather. Widely regarded as one of the premier selectors in the nation, this Chicagoan demonstrates her skills and sharp deck acumen for the massives throughout the Windy City and the world at large with verve and undeniable talent.

DJ Heather received rave reviews for her installment to the much heralded Fabric CD series, for the club of the same name. “With [Fabric] 21 I had a concept in mind; most of the material had to have been played at the club to give it an honest feel.” Judging by critics and house enthusiasts she has done just that. “At the end of the day to make a room full of people happy is difficult to do. You become part mind reader , guru, sensei, educator, entertainer and babysitter all at once. All the experiences I have had, made who I am today. As a person and dj. I love what I do.”

DJ Heather toured extensively with Colette in support of their House of OM double disc release and has released subsequent projects with Om Records including Summer Sessions 2 mixed by Om family members DJ Heather and Onionz. The release followed the success of the first volume of the series mixed by Groove Junkies, Chuck Love and DJ Fluid. In 2008 she joined fellow OM label artists – Colette, Fred Everything and Andy Caldwell – on the House of OM tour.

With over 20 years of experience behind her Dj Heather has grown to become one of the Windy City’s main Dj exports. She is an artist who defies conformity, defines quality and continues to nurture her solid skills for soul music of the technological generation.

Gene Hunt

T. Mixwell


2nd Room: Trap and Dubstep

Dj Blazz

Manthom Phenace

Olivia Outrage



Evil Olive
1551 W Divison, Chicago, IL. 60622
Doors 10pm | 21+ |
Text Awe to 312 659 6922 To Get In Free =)

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