Dot.s • Gesserit • Modern Diet

Wed 9th October at 8 PM

Rose Gold | Map

21 and over


Dot.s • Gesserit • Modern Diet

Queen of the Scene presents

Dot.s « atlanta, ga

Dot.s is an endeavor to take “dance music” far from where it comfortably rests in its current, popular state. We venture to challenge the status of an art form that began as something primal and turned into something calculated and boring and kinda depressing. Drums, bass, and synthesizers rest in the center of our five-piece arrangement, followed by whatever auxiliary instrumentation feels cozy on top of that. We hope to give you something that is as fun and refreshing as our collective ideology: that sounds can prove-ably change the way people act, and should, thus, be made with obsessive care.

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GESSERIT + Modern Diet

DOORS 8::: SHOW 9::: $10::: 21+

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Morgan L

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