The Pioneers Behind Synthetic Sound

Wed 25th September at 8 PM

Sameheads | Map

21 and over


Alex Eisenring
Léon Theremin

Every weekend in the clubs, every now and then while we work, we hear these beats that form part of the abstract sound world we live in. This sounds are products of experimentations.

At the beginning of the 20th century electric gadgets started slowly coming into our houses, to conform our daily life, and they had a sound… A new way of making noise, and by repeating it in harmonic sequences, it had a hypnotising effect, sometimes meditational. Electronic music.

Have you ever wondered which was the first mistake that created the first electronic waveform? Who was the person behind it? Who were the ones that looped this mistake in different parts of the world?

On the 25 of September at Sameheads, we’re going to investigate a part of the first experimentations with electronic music sounds, through two documentaries about the pioneers behind them.

Starting with “The Amiga of Alex” a short film about the Mexican electro-pop pioneer, the computer programer who made the first Techno group in Mexico, an experimentalist of sound since the the 1970s in Mexico City.

Followed by “Theremin: an Electronic Odyssey” the documentary of the life of Theremin, the creator of the first electronic instrument, the basis of all synthesizers and electronic musical waveforms. The instrument that is played without touching.

We’ll have a couple surprises during the event, of texts and music, that will help to get to know more about these two technicians that make us dance until today.

Link to the trailers:

The first movie will be screened at 9pm.

Hope to see you there!

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