P I N K by Luvthang

Fri 26th July at 11 PM

Salon Zur Wilden Renate | Map

21 and over


Cera Khin (Lazy Tapes)
Lauren Hansom (NTS)
Louise Chen (Girls Girls Girls)
Marquis Hawkes (Houndstooth)
Peder Mannerfelt (Lazy Tapes)
Sedef Adasi (Hamam Nights)
Space Raúl (Discobasement)
The Pushamann (N.o.N Music)
Luvthang b2b2b

The motorcycle made its way through the glittering hot street canyons. Roaring and wild, the engine let my loins tremble with lust while I was watching the shady bars and night clubs passing by. Suddenly the scene turned slow-motion as I felt your arms wrapping around my waist and the weight of your body pressing against mine. I turned my head into your direction – the neon lights were reflected by the helmet, hiding your face beneath.
It’s a luvthang

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