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Oase - Sacred Sunday Rave

Oase - Sacred Sunday Rave

  • June 16, 2019 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Nirgendwo
    Helsingsforser Str. 11-13, 10243, Berlin, Germany, Berlin, DE
  • Ages 21 and over
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Sarah Wild
Leon Kostner


[oˈaː.zə] #5

Sarah Wild
[Tal der Verwirrung | Berlin]

Leon Kostner
[Tal der Verwirrung | Berlin]

[Noaidi Herbs + Liv] Opening & Ritual

[Liv Initiator] Sound & Breathing

[FreiRaum der Einheit]


[ Chaka – A Journey to the Essence]
Oils, Soaps, Incense materials…

[Noaidi Herbs] Janne Nyyssönen
Herbal & Alchemical Remedies, Magikal Potions, Tinctures, Tea…

[4 Hands Massage]
Energetic, Trantric, Hawaiian
by Rainer Trost & Maria

Let go of your week, dive into the music and experience yourself high on proper organic sound, local herbal and alchemical potions crafted in accordance with their planetary rulers and the cycle of the moon by Naoidi Herbs, deep meditative breath, natural ecstasy, the sexyness of purity and the raving dance itself. Professional live musicians and djs, great acoustics and a sound system that honors the music. A safe space but a club decorated just with carpets, plants and candles. Enough room to enfold what needs space, a garden with fire, beautiful food for your soul and a little bazaar of art, essential oils, smokery, herbal tinctures, potions and special teas. Rest in silence, watch the fire and the fullmoon, get a 4hands-on massage or connect with the lovers. A crowd that can adapt to the concept of making a conscious celebration, a dance and rave “a ritual”.
A main welcome time to enter and start this night together to support the dynamic and energy that can find its form during the evening and night. People who love and share the passion for a free and ecstatic celebration in a sustainable and not selfdestructive way. Purification through rave and ritual.


17:00 [Main Entry + Bazaar]
18:00 [Opening + Herbal Potion Ritual]
19:00 [Breathing Meditation]
19:30 [Sarah Wild | TAL DER VERWIRRUNG ]
21:30 [Sarah Wild back2back Leon Kostner]
22:00 [Unplugged at the fire | Bring your instruments pls]
22:30 [Leon Kostner | TAL DER VERWIRRUNG]
00:30 [Closing]


16. June 2019 | 17 – 1 | Nirgendwo | Rüdersdorfer Str. 67 Brln


Pay what suits you 15 – 25 €.
Still too much, get in touch!

All GENDERS & LOVERS welcome!!


Regular prize: REGULAR TICKET
You pay the normal prize between 15 and 20 Euros to cover the costs of the night.

You pay more than 20 Euros because you can and like to and therefor you put money for the future of oase on top. You appreciate the work and help to sustain this event and reduce the organizers private investements of 2700,- to start and roll this event forward.


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