Plateau Effect

Fri 27th December at 6 PM

Komische Oper Berlin | Map

21 and over


Jefta van Dinther, David Kiers, SIMKA, Minna Tiikainen, Corps de ballet des Staatsballetts Berlin

In Plateau Effect the dancers resemble a community that is constantly on the move in an unsettled progression through various terrains. Communicating, transporting, constructing and inhabiting turns into choreography as they unite them in a joint effort to create more than one person can alone. Through body and voice, through sound, light and materials, this force of alliances directs and redirects towards and away from the audience. Immersed in the sonic landscape of David Kiers, with lighting design of Minna Tiikkainen and scenography by SIMKA, the performance races through a sequence of laborious productions, vibrating and unstoppable.

In the performance Jefta van Dinther seeks to disorient and challenge the viewer with a layering of choreography, light, sound and set. See-sawing between the dancers and their activities on one hand, and the materials they interact with on the other, a ‘choreography of matter’ emerges. Rudimentary elements merge and unravel into startling grandeur, where the raw reality of materiality flips into a psychedelic space of exception. In the intersection between matter-of-fact and make-belief Plateau Effect puts to tests our ability to transgress the here and now. Plateau Effect was created for Cullberg Ballet in 2013.

Please note: During the performance, sudden strong flashy lights are triggered which might exceed regular parameters.

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