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Surrey, Canada

House, Techno

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Zyx – can be pronounced ZYYX’ ZIX’ ZYEX aka Sebastian Daniel Rogers

سيباستيان روجرز دانيال

Sebastian Daniel Rogers was born in Amman, Jordan. Being influenced by religious upbringings drawn between Muslim and Catholic has come to the conclusion that all religions are just stairways to heaven. He has lived in many different countries and seen so much at such a young age. Sebastian brings his amazing talents to the table from the worldwide journey into life and sound. As one of the god fathers of Acid Techno, his reputation on the internet is massive!

Sebastian has been producing for 12 years. Creating elements no one has ever heard of, putting sounds and frequencies together to make a unique sound. Sebastian has been ranked in the top 10 artists on back in 1999 to 2001 with music downloads exceeding 250,000. He has also been featured on – music #1 spot for 1 month from over 50,000 artists on that site. He has dominated the west coast on myspace by leading the pack with the most visits and downloads any artistHe has amazing talent not only he makes music that makes your speakers burst but he also creates websites, cars, art, and plays 3d shooter games like no other.

There are DJs/Entertainers who turn up, play tracks and make people dance. And there are producers who make the dancefloor-igniting tracks those DJs will kill for.

It’s because of what he can do with music – the way he can make good tracks sound better, great tracks sound awesome, and everything he plays into his own. The way his mixes take elements from across the spectrum of electronic dance, from trance, breaks, progressive and deep house, and create a languidly hypnotic liquid groove. The way his understanding of both melody and momentum can tease, taunt, and en-trance a dancefloor before unleashing a record that will have people not just leaping up and down but bursting with emotion. Zyx has always been noted for being a master at this and it is this universal appeal that he has tapped into that has established his strong fanbase around the globe.