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Bangalore, India

Electro House, Progressive House

DEVON Records
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Zutopian is an Indian producer / DJ, currently active in the Netherlands. Although he is a techie by day, designing software systems in the high tech industry, his real passion has always been music, which he calls his true identity. From starting as a metal guitarist in college bands, to finding himself as a passionate dance music artist, Zutopian has always been a keen explorer of different sounds and styles.

His mixes often include different forms of world music, most notably, Indian and Arabian sounds, fused into massive progressive and electro drops. Every set is like a story line, with climactic breaks and suprising drops. The aim is and will always be, to take the dance-floor into a musical journey, with phases of familiar tracks and educational unknowns. Everyone can push buttons, only few can flip crowds. And Zutopian promises the latter.