Zouvi Beatport


Zouvi is the brainchild of one of Canada’s most versatile DJs, producers, and music journalists, Max Julien, well-known across the country as bpm:tv’s ‘Man in Montreal’. Although known for his unique blend of deep, dark, and deLicious tribal-based house vibes, Zouvi is his progressive trance/trance alter-ego, which has seen him spin with some of the top DJs on the planet.

Zouvi was first introduced in December 2005 with a weekly show on Techno, one of North America’s top underground Internet radio stations, with the birth of Zouvi International, still broadcast live every Monday. The show was launched as a vehicle for the veteran to expand upon his vast musical background without confusing his house fans with a foray into another genre. However, playing different styles of music is nothing new for this versatile artist, who held residencies in some of Montral’s top dance and alternative music clubs in the 1980s and early 1990s.

After ending a long 12-year retirement in April 2003, Max immediately began rebuilding his reputation by playing at both house and trance events, then under his former DJ moniker, DeepJ Max. It didn’t take long for people to notice. Within a year of his comeback, after exhilarating numerous packed dancefloors, he would begin a relationship at one of the planet’s most important underground clubs, Montral’s Stereo, which would last for over three years. He has since played alongside some of the top names in the world, such as Victor Calderone, Manny Lehman, DJ Paulo, Dave From Dallas, Christopher Lawrence, Danny Tenaglia, and Steve Lawler.

However, due to his busy schedule and the demand on him to play house across North America, Max would be forced to put his trance leanings on the back-burner, until the creation of Zouvi International. Those ratings quickly trumped his house show, DeepTuesdays, also on Techno.fm, and the demand on Zouvi to play live began to grow exponentially.

In September 2006, Stereo personnel gave him the honor and daunting task of following one of the top DJs on the planet, Armin Van Buuren. Zouvi’s first ever live set was so well received, he was quickly booked to headline official after-parties at the Stereo complex for such names as Markus Schulz and Rank 1.

Max has also put his vast musical experience to further good use, covering Canada’s vast underground music scene for various publications and web sites, becoming one of the most important voices on the country’s underground scene. This has led him to join Canada’s only music television station dedicated to dance music, bpm:tv, where he works both in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes, as host, producer, and consultant. He has interviewed such DJ names as Tisto, Sander Van Doorn, Gabriel & Dresden, Peter Rauhofer, Antoine Clamaran, Misstress Barbara, 4 Strings, Bad Boy Bill, and David Guetta, to name a few. A DJ Spotlight show on that same station, featuring veterans Junior Vasquez, DJ Paulo, and Max Julien, first aired in September 2007.

If that weren’t enough, Max Julien is also the president of DeepSound Music, co-founded with his wife and co-manager, Nathalie Hamel. The company is dedicated to managing the careers of DJs and producers, as well as the managerial organization of events and clubs. DeepSound Music also includes his very own record label, DeepSound Records, launched in December 2007.

So, whether it be spinning at one of the best clubs or parties in Montral, the rest of Canada, the United States, or elsewhere, producing music, or covering the underground scene for television or print, Max Julien, aka Zouvi, is back with a renewed passion and a new vengeance.