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DJ A7 : A 35 year old Computer / Gadget & Audio Geek who loves the World’s Finest Nu Jazz / Broken-Beat / Funk / House / Latin / Afro-Beat / Dub & Electronic Music on Vinyl.

I contribute to Discogs.com to assist others with information & artwork on releases they are looking for, as well as writing reviews of LP’s i dig.

I love everything from hardcore oldschool Punk Rock to the latest Nu Jazz and underground House / Trance / Breakbeat / Funk / Broken-Beat / Afro-Beat / Latin / World & Soul on Wax.

I’ve always loved Vinyl. It’s more than a choice, it’s a love affair with me…

I’ve collected all sorts of music since I was a kid. I started collecting used records from the local Public Library’s sale when I was about 12. They had ‘German Beer Drinking Songs’, ‘Sounds Of Whales’, ‘Sounds Of Insects’, and all sorts of cool Classical stuff, all for 10 Cents a piece! I was like a kid in a candy shop, only it was Vinyl, not teeth-rotting crap.

I experimented with looping sounds with the ‘ping-ponging’ method of Analog recording (Where you mix 2 cassette tapes down to one recorder… I simply spliced RCA cables to do it at age 13 or so..).

I mixed all sorts of weird sounds with my Little Sister’s Casio Keyboard, the cool Records from the Library sale, and all sorts of weird stuff I recorded with a portable cassette-recorder walkman my Grandfather gave me when i was about 11 I think. I had a blast, it sounded like crap, but I really didn’t give a damn. Some of my friends thought it was cool, others didn’t know what to say (The looks on their faces pretty much said it all I think at the time in hindsight…)

In my teens, I discovered not only the finest of the entire world’s spectrum of Punk Rock on Vinyl, but also all sorts of cool stuff like John Zorn’s Naked City, Painkiller, Masada, etc. As well as bands like the ‘Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet’ (featured on ‘Vinyl Mix 4’ of mine here…), who coincidently did the ‘Kids in the Hall’ theme song (A great 80’s Canadian Comedy show..).

I’ve mixed music, recorded music, mixed other people’s music, and now i collect Vinyl and mix that for fun. It’s all about music with me, it’s my purpose, my soul.

ThanX 4 UR V0T3 H3R3 ! :-) Rock On ! ! !