Top 25k on The DJ List


Quito, Ecuador

House, Progressive House


Francisco Ortiz, aka DJ ZitrO, was born in Quito on october 13th 1986. Since he was a young man he liked to dance and hang out with his friends at parties, concerts and everywhere where the music was. At the age of 17 he went to New Jersey and graduated the senior year at Lakewood H.S. When he was over there, he started to look forward about the dj´s style, finding out about the top dj´s life, how they mix, their songs so he bought his first mixing console. He has the opportunity to play in a couple of clubs of New Jersey thanks to some people who ZitrO met. He fall in love about this activity so he decide to take it serious. He went back to Ecuador with a lot of experience, he begun to play on family reunions, friend´s party so he was getting some fame. After some time he bought a new mixing console, this console was one of the coolest dj mix consoles because it was and still being a unique console in Ecuador, and the people gets so interest about it. Lots of people really liked ZitrO´s style and that´s why he had his big chance to play on a rave concert at El Valle de Los Chillos, he did the warm up of that concert, concert of Dj Fist. Then he has played several times on the hottest clubs in Quito and Ambato, making ZitrO a really nice Dj, transmitting his energy and happyness to the public. And thas why he got his line “Be Happy, Live Music”.