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Zita Zie

Chicago, United States

Progressive House

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Started in classical music at age 7 playing violin, but never in her dreams she thought that one day she would be a DJ. It all started when Zita’s friends invited her to attend the Winter Music Conference in Miami. That’s where she met DFolt and encouraged her to get into the electronic music scene. Learned her basics on vinyl at Music Industry Workshop from DJ Breakdown B then continued spinning on C DJ’s next. A try turned into a passion. And the rest is history. Major musical influences are Armin V B, Blank and Jones, however minimal plays an important part in her style. Other influences are coming from Burning Man’s Opulent Temple DJ group.

Zita’s recent performances included Crobar Chicago, Vision, Climax, Spybar Chicago, Enclave, Ontourage, UN, Good Bar, Victor Hotel.

Born and raised in Hungary, she moved to the USA when she was 14. In Hungary she attended a music specialty elementary school where music theory, choir, recorder, plus an additional instrument was a requirement on a daily basis. Her classical training was later focused only on violin once she attended high school. Local string quartets, symphonies, theater, Chamber Music International Music Festival in Prague, North brook Symphony Orchestra were just some of the activities she was doing.

To her parents encouragement, when she was not attending music rehearsals or lessons, she attended North Park University then later University of Illinois at Chicago to have a back up to the music profession.

Being a huge fan of dance music, it was only matter of time to try the other (non-classical) side of music. She often says, that whoever thinks that working the turntables is easy, first try it. It takes just as much practice to do a good set, as to be able to perform a good Bach sonata. And then Bach didn’t even have to worry about making people dance.