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12 years has passed since his first experience with electronic music. Zippie, a dark deep house expert, has spun his tracks with just the best of international and national DJs and producers, at Rocks club, Vila Nova de Gaia – Porto / Portugal (the awarded / extinct club where Zippie was resident for many years).

“I love innovations!” – basically this is the philosophy that drives Zippie to produce their new and innovative sounds. Very passionate for his melodies, he loves to hear new sounds, turning the technology into his favor

Zippie also keep weekly shows / performances, not just in clubs as most of DJs and producers usually does; he also makes part of a selected group of artists on Radio Mix FM (local radio show in Portugal) and MvMTV (TV show with the best of electronic music at private/public TV channel) – and of course part of ElectroMusicWorld website, where some of his mixes are available for free for his audience.

“Remember one day after played 4 hours in a row and the people on the dance floor was asking to play even more! Of course couldn’t let them waiting and this day had to play 4 hours more” – His audience was around 2000 people at the dance floor asking Zippie to keep up with his amazing set! Most of them still part of Zippie’s life, accompanying Zippie whatever he goes.