From small on music stood with Ziggy X' interests far in front. He found 1993 also fallen "finally" at the electronic music. When Ziggy at the end of 1998 in a Disco, in... read more
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From small on music stood with Ziggy X’ interests far in front. He found 1993 also fallen “finally” at the electronic music.

When Ziggy at the end of 1998 in a Disco, in his hometown Lueneburg, which TRACK “Nightingale” heard of DJ Mind X, it wanted to absolutely have this disk and landed in next record dealer. And if you then already is in so a shop, one is also very fast done of many black gold. Thus also the first Vinyls was bought.

The next investments were naturally two Turntables and a mixer.

After one year “warming up phase” began to present Ziggy in January 2000 on various Events and in various clubs. Already in the May of the yearly the first residence in the “KITCHEN BASE CLUB” followed in Lueneburg.

Starting from May in the following year it became ever more bookings. Still another second residence was added into the Hamburger Club “PARANOYA”, where it stood once on weekend at the Turntables.

Unfortunately this club closed its gates after two months again and so it came in such a way it that the Lueneburger DJ with the “EMPIRE”, a big Club in Wittenburg, on. With the “Kitchen Base Club” he logged out itself and resided in the “EMPIRE” from July to December.

2002 reset Ziggy with presenting something. He worried more on the structure of his own Label “VINYL IMPACT PRESENTS” and about own productions. With Patrick Wiechmann was found a producer, who converts Ziggy’s ideas in such a way, as he introduces himself it. The result is the “BASSDUSCHE”, a track, which hit in the clubs (predominantly north and east Germany) like a bomb.

In March 2003 the EMI fished itself the track and announced Ziggy X in completely Germany and Austria. The “BASSDUSCHE” stood in all Dancecharts completely far above, ran on the Dance Musiksender SUNSHINE LIVE up and down and from the listeners to the “Motorola Dance TRACK of the yearly 2003” was selected there.

Also the Remix-demands accumulate themselves more.

The “X-STYLE” was born !!!

Since November 2003 Ziggy with the successful Label AQUALOOP from the north of Germany. This Label brought immediately the next single with “GESCHWINDIGKEITSRAUSCH” and “HERZKLOPFEN” (this Track is dedicated to his girlfriend Martina) on Vinyl on the market. The disk rose in all German-language (GAS) Dance Charts, also without sampling, into the TOP 20, partly even into the TOP 10.

This helped Ziggy to his first TV-appearance on the music transmitter VIVA with the CLUB ROTATION on February 7th in 2004.

During Ziggy on the weekends on route was to be presented around the “Geschwindigkeitsrausch” and his “Herzklopfen” in the clubs personally, tinkered Ziggy and Patrick the week over industriously at the third single. The TRACK, which carries the title “ThiZ RoX” and likewise on AQUALOOP appeared, had been already far before its Vinyl release (24.Juni 2004) a genuine Floorburner and rocked also the GAS-Dance Charts into the Top 10. Likewise it created this TRACKS (first at all), to remain the complete 10 weeks into the SUNSHINE-live listener Charts at place 1. Furthermore the Lüneburger DJ and producer with this track drew the attention of itself even in far Japan so to itself that all productions (inclusive RemiXe) of Ziggy “landed” with the Asians.

Somewhat later than “ThiZ RoX” became the second project, named THE LEGION OF V.I.B.E.S. , by Ziggy on CELEBRATE records on Vinyl released. The Track, named “sea of v.i.b.e.s.”, landed under the Top 30 in the german Dance-Charts.