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Ziel100… also known under his civil name Matthias Gustke, is the inventor and organizer of the After Hour Party taking place in autumn and winter at the U Bar of U60311 Frankfurt. In this occasion he plays regularly at the U60311 and is no unknown DJ in other clubs as well.

Equipped with turntables since 1988, enthusiastic DJ and producer Ziel100 went out to fight for the electronic music – although the first years of his music career were dedicated to the Scratches and Beat-Jugglings of HipHop. Kindled with the first rave-tracks from England, his career as rave-musician was just a bit slowed down by his training to a commercial man. During his alternative service, he had more time to fulfill his first DJ Sets in well known Rhein-Main underground clubs such as XS, Kunstraum, Liquid Sky, St. Tropez and MTW.

Consequence of his love to the music were productions on his own equipment together with DJ Mike L (Neuton): the NKS EP on Aural Satisfaction (Andreas Kauffelt’s Label) was the result on black and white vinyl.

Til now, Ziel100 was allowed to prove his skills in many other clubs and discotheques and put his style-mixture of Electrobeats, Techno and NuWave to the test: and he passed the test through the ears of the audience for example at the Nature One, the Sound of Frankfurt, at U60311, Roxy (Prague), Bora Bora (Ibiza), Fire and Ice (Mumbai) or Presswerk (Basle) as well as on several radio shows broadcasted all over Germany. He organized parties in sometimes uncommon locations: under bridges or in subways, in old gas stations aside with todays protagonists as Andreas Kauffelt, Nelson Machado or Ricardo Villalobos.

With ‘rUnterkommen’ Ziel100 initiated in 2001 the After Hour of U60311 taking place Saturday afternoons. Now in the 3rd season the club becomes the crazy hostel of the techno community – during the day! Meanwhile rUnterkommen has found a lot of imitators who try to come near the original with more or less success. Perhaps the choice of the guest DJs who are invited by Matthias gives a familiar, sympathic touch to the parties: most of them are good friends and colleagues out of his numerous contacts in nightlife: Jeremias (Kassel), Daniel R. (Airport), Bas Molendyk (Bayreuth), Cess (Frankfurt), John Occlusion (Frankfurt), Hardy Heller (Worms) just to tell some. The party still has an exceptional position in club life and there is a colorful crowd – some are still celebrating from the party the night before, some are just looking in from their shopping tour and stay till the end… While everyday life goes on outside.

Every 3rd Thursday there used to be Pitch Control Party also at U60311 – the techno party to the same named radio show on hrXXL together with Pauli Steinbach and Chris Liebing. On the same radio station Ziel100 hosted a chill out show as well until the station was changed to youFM end of 2003 with a less electronical music program.

Further projects of Ziel100 are the JetSet Parties (Electro Rock-Shock Sound) and Joy Division (Chill Out Electronics) both taking place at U60311.