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Den Haag, Netherlands



At a very young age she was involved with music; her mother was a singer, so she absorbed a lot of the Caribbean sounds. Later she started to work in her father’s record store in Amsterdam where she gets connected with various styles of music such as blues, jazz and soul.

Further in time she became a singer herself and joined the Belgium group ‘Transformer 2’.

After this, a period of great party’s with loving people from all over the world came by, which she enjoyed to the fullest. And that’s what made her feel she wanted to give something back.

Playing most of the time in her house for her friends, people told her to play in real clubs and parties. This is how it began…

Now she plays in Rotterdam and The Hague in clubs and for promoters like Club Exposure, Thalia Lounge, Maastheater, Prinsestheater, Now & Wow, and Floow.

But also often out of the country in Milan, Riccione, Porto, Barcelona, Oslo and many other places and organized party’s.

Her favorite style is deep house, but she loves to play groovy and techno as well and has a passion for tribal sounds. This style she plays, she builds up from a groovy, funky, tribal club sound, to later at night in a deeper style.

Her next passion is a new release that comes out soon this year.

With much more to come; you’ll be hearing or seeing this ‘black and magic’ woman more often!

She’s ready to conquer the world!