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London, United Kingdom

Funk / R&B, Hip-Hop

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DJ Zedi is a U.K. born Hip-Hop, R&B and Dance Producer from London. The name Zedi (Z.I.) was born from the initials of his real name. “DJ” was added for legal and marketing reasons, but he has never considered himself a DJ, he is a music REMIXER and PRODUCER, mainly consistent in the genres Hip-Hop, R&B and Dance, but can produce just about anything under the sun, and has done so already, with countless projects waiting to explode in due given time.

Zedi is THE ONLY middle eastern producer from the U.K. who is heading for a BIG future in the music industry, arguably the only producer who is capable of putting U.K. Hip-Hop production firmly on the map, as this is a field that requires REAL ambition and talent, which doesn’t grow overnight. It needs real time and dedication, which is nothing short of what Zedi has put in already.

In the time it has taken, he has remixed over 250 songs spanning over an impressive 35 underground remix albums, a number simply IMPOSSIBLE to be replicated by any other in his generation, or in fact even in generations to come. Zedi has stamped his authority on the remix scene, and continues his stranglehold on it even today.

In July 2011, DJ Zedi produced and released the debut single for the talented rapper Skippa G from London, U.K. entitled “Wake Up”, which features haunting but lingering melodies along with a tight, heat-fuelled beat, which reflects exactly what is to be expected from DJ Zedi Hip-Hop productions in the near future.

In April 2012, DJ Zedi produced and released the follow up single for Skippa G, “100 Bars of Truth”. Although some may be quite skeptical about the lyrical content, Zedi hit the nail again where production was concerned. Along with amazing and powerful vocals by Skippa G, the music was received exceptionally well. From the eerie introduction piano keys right through to the build up of the track, to the amazing cinematic movie-like “full Throttle” violin work performed by Zedi, this production was just an EXAMPLE of what DJ Zedi is capable of when it comes to composing original music.

In February 2013, DJ Zedi remixed “Hum Jee Lenge” from the Bollywood movie “Murder 3”. This remix was the FIRST underground unofficial remix to be appreciated by the official singer and composers themselves. The singer Mustafa Zahid showed exactly what he thought about it on his twitter, which was nothing short of compliment and praise.

Remixing has always been part of Zedi’s life, from a very young age. But deep within, his heart has always been set on PRODUCTION. It’s a completely different buzz, it’s “THE” music life. His beats, the melodies, the hype, the rawness, the artistry, the swag..

DJ Zedi is about to show you what he’s REALLY capable of. The remixes are sheer “nursery rhymes” compared. Watch this space. You’ve been warned.


10th April 2012 – Skippa G – 100 Bars of Truth –


30th July 2011 – Skippa G – Wake Up –

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