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DJ Zak Davis, based out of Nashville, incorporates elements of trance, funky breaks, disco, house, funk, and even a little Latin into his unique DJ style that gets the party going. Raised in many places from Memphis to South Florida, he developed a style to fit the mood of the crowd. “I was a kid growing up in Memphis,” talking about his time spent in Al Greens’ studio, “hearing blues turned me into the musician I am today”. After being around R&B in Memphis for many years, he was transplanted to South Florida where dance music began to take over. “In Tampa, I was exposed to music styles way different from Memphis”. Freestyle and Miami bass was all the rage and European dance tracks started to play on the radio. The emerging style became his first dance music love.

Florida or funky breaks is a cross section of music and seemed to fit his mold perfectly influencing his first journey to the turntables. Almost ten years, five cars and a lot of dancing shoes later, DJ Zak Davis is an aspiring club DJ who intends to leave his mark on the dance music world.