Top 50k on The DJ List

Zack Smith

Springfield, United States



Zack Smith has been DJing since August 1998. His interest in electronic music, though, came much earlier in his life.

Zack had the fortune of being exposed to Herbie Hancock, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Eyptian Lover, etc. during the gool ol’ breakdancing days. Zack now channels his passion for the music by mixing various forms of techno.

Zack was initially drawn to Swedish techno. Since then, he has expanded his selection considerably by collecting German, UK, Japanese, Italian, French and Belgian techno as well as choice domestic tracks. Zack prefers the hard and dark side of the music form, but groovy, funky, deep and minimal (even melodic and abstract) techno also has a special place in his mind and heart. He employs a variety of mixing styles. Whether cutting back and forth between tracks, EQing, log rides and builds or just mash-ups for fun, Zack has a well-developed mixing acumen that is sure to draw attention from even the most discerning listener. Zack adheres to a strict policy of no pre-programming, so that each set is a totally unique expression that captures the moment as he sees it. Every demo you have heard or will ever hear from Zack was recorded live in one take.

Zack has been involved with a variety of productions and crews, most notably representing the Techno Justice League (the premiere Midwest techno crew), 417vibe, Dreamspell and Lightbody Technologies. 2004 saw the birth of his laser lightshow company, Dreamspell, which continues to grow and serve corporate and music industry clients throughout the region.

Zack has been featured on lineups alongside Sasha and Digweed, John Selway, Oliver Ho, Cause 4 Concern, Dieselboy, The Enemy, Miles Maeda, JT Donaldson, Disco D and Dan Doormouse, among others. Buzz about his ability behind the decks continues to spread.