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Antwerp, Belgium

Hard Dance, House

Tic Tac Toe Records
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Yves started when he was around the age of 16 years old with spinning the wheels at the local radio station. By the time he turned 18 he was frequently asked by small clubs in Antwerp centre. At those locations there where mostly Dutch visitors.

After two years playing every day on the radio he was noticed by 2 guys who wanted to start there own radio station. They asked Yves to record the music and he did and that was the start of Radio Channel X a station whit’s still going strong nowadays.

Since that time it went very fast. Every week there where illegal parties in Belgium and in The Netherlands. That went great and after a while they decided to open a club of there own.

That was the QU in Brasschaat it turned out to be the best running club in de area. Every Friday and Saturday the place where sold out till 2.00 PM. The authorities started a real razia and the place had to close for one year. The guys decided to go there own ways for a while.

A year later they came together and opened the Mega House Fortress: Club X !!

They had a plan and figured out, how they wanted Club X to be like and how to do it.

The ideas worked Club X was full and sold out every weekend, Yves had bin the

Resident DJ for 4 years from ‘94 till ‘98. At that time invitations from promoters began to come in for Yves and he was asked to play at there Events. So he said goodbye to Club X and played at Mysteryland and Thunderdome from ID&T and many other events.

Yves released a few records on his own label (DJ Yves Records). (Nowadays his label is defunct, because his record-company “XSV Music” went bankrupt).

Yves started his own club KOZMOZ that club was full and good running for 6 months, Yves wanted more and wanted to go bigger. He was asked to come and take a residential position in Club Cherrymoon, he toke the offer and he signed a contract for 2 years.

After those 2 years he decided to take it easy for a while. He wanted to be with his family and children. But after a few months he realized that spinning the wheels was in his blood and in march of 2001 he started again on Friday in Club Insomnia and on Saturday in Club Zino.

He did this for 2 years with a lot of pleasure till October 2003 that was his last day at the Zino.

Who thinks that Yves was going to quit ,no way! From November 2003 he went back to his first love CLUB X. The only thing that had changed was the location of the club now it was in Tilburg (NL) instead of Wuustwezel (Belgium). It was and is the same atmosphere as the Belgium Club. Yves is spinning with the same passion as in the old Club X and is there every Friday and Saturday till about 01.30 AM after that time he is free to do gigs around the country.