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Yusef Kifah

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Milton Music
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Yusef Kifah, Trance producer & DJ, has been producing music since 2010…

After being musically inspired by rock band My Chemical Romance,

Music production went to his mind…

After a while, he listened to a track called Ravers Fantasy, a Euro-Trance track, he immediately switched from Rock to Trance…

Time passed and he started using GarageBand on an old Mac Computer.

He produced his first Electronic track, Popcorn Remix in 2010…

After realizing his ability in music, he carried on with this hobby…

After getting a Windows computer from his father, he realized the BIGGER potential in music production!

After getting FL Studio as his DAW of choice, his Trance production got better and better!

Now, Yusef Kifah is producing Trance music and releasing on well supported labels such as Beyond the Stars recordings, DMAX and more!

Inspired by Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Arctic Moon…