Top 25k on The DJ List

Yuri Corell

Riga, Latvia

Electro House, Progressive House


Yuri Corell(DJ Jurken). Was born on June, 12th, 1983 in the City of Riga (Latvia). The bright and talented owner of rather refined musical taste and irresistable appearance, Jurken, being in the club environment it is already far not one year, always it was contrastly allocated from a lump and was in the center of party.

At the certain moment, having understood, that requires beautiful expression of weight of present emotions, in 1998 Jurken for the first time approaches to the board and soon begins active development of all subtleties arts, laboriously collecting an interesting material and perfecting the skills.

Always being completely given favourite business and being rather purposeful person, for the sake of music, Jurken finishes school and with a head plunges into world which has so tightened it of electronic sounding.

First of all, for it it is important To play. In full sense of this word, instead of is banal to reduce a plate as it is done by many DJ’s.Drawing to itself public as the magnet and possessing the unique taste and style of submission, Jurken presents surrounding the exciting cocktail made by it from set colourful and unusual music.

Being in constant search something beautiful and new, it never stops and does not go in cycles in something one. Deep and pleasant Electrohouse, bewitching and immersing in an atmosphere of attracting underground Progressive House, and also bright and vigorous Electrohouse/Electroclash-its basic styles now.

It set was already estimated by public of such cult Riga clubs as, for example, " La Rocca ", “Fashion”, In the end of 2004 Acted with group " London Beat " and many other things places and continues set to win with each the increasing quantity of admirers as in Riga, and it is far behind its limits.