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Yuan Bing aka “Yuan” was introduced to EDM by an unlikely source. DDR (Dance Dance Revoloution) a game with almost cult like status in Asia was that spark. Yuan, facinated with the sounds began producing with FL in Highschool. Later he entered college in an unrelated field but was compelled towards continuing his love of making EDM music. After graduation he made EDM production his main goal. Efforts finally paid off. His first release ?xia? saw an instant top 50 on beatport.com and top 10 on djdownload.com. Pressure kept on with a top 50 prog on beatport with ?Fei Xue? as well as the critically acclaimed ?East Wind?; following “Timeless” with Kim Jin top 30 on beatport and top 10 on junodownloads. He also just completed a remix for DJ cosmo and Meighan Nealon?s ?Naked? soon to be released on Lyon Echo. He has now officially become part of an exclusive team of producers under the Auryn Music brand including the likes of Ashley Wallbridge, Alex Lamb, Mike Emvee, Hado, and Roddy Reynaert all of which have began to garner international success. Yuan also recently began his own radio show on puresound.fm called ?Forbidden Sessions? and has gone to guest mix on AHFM. Proudly Chinese yet very international minded, Yuan is perhaps one of the first of his kind based in China and hopes to put China on the playlists of the world.