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As a well established Montreal household name DJ Yovan wasted no time upon his arrival in 1995 to create an original brand of mixes that have been his signature ever since.

His creative artistry can be felt from the moment the first sounds make their way through the speakers and his impeccable musical dedication and attention to detail leave no doubt as to the talent that hides humbly behind the turntables.

Having worked alongside such greats as Mark Knight, Benni Benassi, Funkerman, Cevin Fisher as well as house music legends such as the British music guru Pete Tong, Yovan never ceased to amaze in introducing a unique twist to every event.

Yovan’s debut single on KULT Records “Analemma (I Will Follow You)” is a progressive stomper starring the angelic vocals of Montreal based Lebanese singer Claire Hayek who belts out an amazing performance remixed to perfection by some of the most cutting edge up and coming international remixers.

That seemed to give the artist a new found breath and two more singles arrived in 2010.

“Outbreak” marked the first collaboration with talented producer Nick Avilla. The track, now signed in Spain with Crystal Sound Records, drew immediate attention, leading Serbian deejay Conte to add his original touch with a flawless remix.

The Yovan – Nick Avilla collaboration really took flight with remixing the Handgrenade Pimps’ breakout single featuring Notte titled “Wonder Why”. The track met immediate worldwide success in both its original form and the numerous remixes. Yovan’s remix immediately became a personal favourite to many local deejays who all recognised the incredible talent and propelled the song into instant playlist must.

Returning in studio Yovan is back at keeping people guessing and building up the excitement of his next release while relentlessly pursuing his dream: to bring joy and excitement into music lovers hearts as he delights them night in, night out with outstanding performances .

He is a DJ whose nights should definitely be lived.