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Yonay Af

Barcelona, Spain

Electro House, House

House Works, Tribal Spain
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Yonay Aguilar Fiestas, more known as Yonay AF, was born in Count city a 5th of may of 1987.

Since young he was captivated by the idea of being a deejay and for that reason he fight for achieving it.

Surrounded with important national scene dj’s, Yonay AF learnt a lot, from fitting in every beat to the most difficult productions. Nowadays he considers that day after day he learns more and more and he?s really grateful of being surrounded of important dj?s because he affirms that he never stops learning.

He has passed by lots of clubs. The most prominent ones are Aqua, Area Rebersible, Allen Roc, Kf Ol, Open Air, Platinium, The Sound, Hello, Arena, Baja Beach Club, El Divino, Cosmic Club MIllenium, …

Considered a multifacetic professional: Deejay, Productor and Speaker.