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Barcelona, Spain



At the moment she has shared cabin with djs and groups like Jeff Mills, Orbital, Daniel Bell, Alex Under, Oliver Hacke, Thomas Brinkmann, Paco Osuna, M.I.A., Sven Vath, Jeff Samuel, Sasha Funke, The Modernist, Jazzanova, Northern Lite, Buscemi, The Hacker…

She rocks deep but strong, catching the point between electro and techno sounds and reaching a good atmosphere to have fun…

She joined the conservatory when she was ten, and from that point on almost all the music that she listened to was classical. Electronic music began to call her attention, it was an unexplored extraterrestrial land so…

In 1999 she decided to learn to mix with breakbeat sounds, at that time she lived in malaga and she soon joined the collective group known as Evassion, and with this they organized parties and broadcast a program about electronic music called Mundo Evassion at the public radio station of Andalucia. Through this she began to make a name for herself and received an offer to mix for the first time in Jaen, and later Granada, Seville, Almeria…until she was traveling around Andalucia with her records.

She spent three years with Evassion. 2002 was when she changed groups and became part of Zaq Records, this opened the door for many collaborations. Meanwhile she was combining two styles; house and breakbeat for a large variety of people and in many different places.

In searching for her own style, she found herself digressing from that of the more well know circuits, and as a result she began to meet people who were on the same quest of looking for new innovating sounds.

It was then that she received a call from Mr. Conde to form a band that combined electronic and retro organic sounds with visuals, resulting in “Basmatic”, with which she made her first production: “Anarquistas de Salon”, an album that they presented in the theater in Malaga and they also played with Jazzanova and Buscemi in the BogaBoga concert hall.

During this time she found a great alliance with the group called “Toys” in Marbella with who she shared her desire to play with new sounds while still collaborating with them.

In 2005 she left Malaga and came to Barcelona to continue studying piano and composition at “Tallers de Musics”, a contemporary music school, with the idea of starting her own productions.

In Barcelona she has been resident dj at Zen Club, Zentrik, Cluba & Mondo and played in clubs like Fellini, Blau, Zoom, Mochima Club, La Macarena, Sidecar…