Yiannis Balkizas

BDivision, Botaira Records, Dojo Music
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Yiannis Balkizas, a man of humble roots whose talent for music is derived from his deep rooted love for it. It’s a passion that he embodies when promoting, creating and delivering the music he loves. Born to Greek parents in the East of London, he has always enjoyed a cultured and diverse taste for all things with a beat. Since taking to the dance floors of London in the mid 90’s and experiencing a liberating era of dance music, to the diverse and evolved scenes of today, he has known where his heart lies. Yiannis is about the moment; the one you wish would never end. He believes the music and people are what make a party one to remember.

Having cut his teeth in the capitals music scene, Yiannis pursues his musical quest on in more ways than one, admitting that he loves all facets of the music industry. To date Yiannis has released over 30 tracks and impressively has tracks signed to labels all over the world including Dojo Music (UK), Remud/Presslab Records (Italy), Inminimax Records (Brazil), Eclectic Records (Italy), BDivision (Italy), Mad Hatters Records (UK) and Itch Records (UK) to name just a few. His style definitely bares witness to his Mediterranean heritage, often blending powerful traditional sounds with the craft and rhythms of the genres around him, as seen in tracks like ‘Stavros Plays The Bouzouki’.

This desire to create and share is not restricted to production with Yiannis; frequently throwing parties including in the heart of London’s underground scene, Shoreditch to nurture and showcase the styles and talents of his fellow DJs. “Watching those around me working hard and doing what they do is as inspirational sometimes as watching my idols”.

It‘s behind the decks though, in front of a crowd that Yiannis calls home. He currently holds residency at nights such as Use Your Loaf and Spiritoso and has seen bookings take him across Europe from Oslo to Barcelona and to the warmer climates of Ibiza and Greece. London is bread and butter to this man at present, playing there week-in-week-out at clubs such as Cable, Cargo, The C.A.M.P and Basing House; having also played at infamous venues such as Pacha, SEOne, Egg Club and the Ministry of Sound in the past. The last couple of years have surely been the highlight of Yiannis’ DJ career having featured on line ups for top promotions (Jaded, Cavo Paradiso, Supernova and Rhythmatic) and played alongside the likes of Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace, Hector Couto, Alex Celler, Hermanez, Chris Leibing, Tim Sheridan and Jamie Anderson.

Like other areas of his music, Yiannis’s style behind the decks is not straight down the line. He ranges from a feel good, groovy and tribal techno to a more purposeful journey-based deep tech. Like each party he plays at, each style and set is different and tailored to the crowd he plays for.

As for the road ahead, Yiannis believes that in order to leave a lasting effect with music, you must evolve and change with the times and trends however always remain consistent and loyal to your beliefs. He believes that like any other, his style and tastes will evolve over time, but claims he will always make music true to his heart, blending unorthodox samples with hard hitting beats in order to get you on your feet, currently taking inspiration from producers such as Jonny D and George. A passionate and entertaining DJ, an up and coming producer; Yiannis Balkizas is one to watch out for in 2011.