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He is attracted to electronic music, in the beginning of the 90âs, listening to artists such as Depeche Mode, Cosmic Baby, Mantra, Model 500, Darkshan, Juan Atkins, Richie Hawtin, Jeff mills, Mad Mike Banks, etc.

He was invited by his sister to his very first rave, back in 1994..

He started his DJ career as in 1996 (under the name of DJ Asterix), influenced by Goa Trance.

Some time later, he met DJ Zenith, who showed him more evolved and harder sounds such as Hard Techno, Hardcore and Gabber. He developed an interest for those genres and also decided to change his name to DJ Yhunykx, along with his style to Techno.

And so, in 1997, he began to spin Techno, but with a very different style, compared to the other national DJs. He used a lot of speed (155 BPM and more) and also, used a hard, dark and distorted track selection.

In 1998, he began to throw gigs in Mexicoâs City south. Also, in this year, he was given a computer, as a birthday present. With this, he started to surf the web in search of more evolved and new sounds. This fact made him want to start producing his own tracks. Due to all this, he began spinning harder and faster, but this was not very accepted by the crowds.

Later in 1999, earning more knowledge about Techno, he experimented with some sounds, begging to produce some tracks and remixes, which were now used on his DJ sets, having more acceptance by the people. Watching that this was working good, he filled his sets, only with self produced material.

He found Schranz in the year 2000, while surfing the web in search for even harder tracks and sounds for his productions. This made a project MUKNAUK This project would support the different Underground styles of electronic music, but mostly, all the Hard Techno ones. And so, he began producing tracks based on Schranz style.

Another very important matter in this year, is that he met Acid Flux, who had the same interests and taste for music for Underground music and Schranz. He spoke to him about his project MUKNAUK, but this didnât lead them to anything interesting in that time. Nonetheless, this conversation was retaken later, but this time, they began to propose ideas, and so, they gave birth to the project. MUKNAUK will support all the Electronic Music Underground styles and it will be representing Mexicoâs Schranz in the world.

In 2001, and now with a huge self produce material compilation, he left behind his Hard Techno vinyls to become a CDJ. Also he began throwing gigs again, but now to support MUKNAUK project, inviting DJs which he considered they had a hard style (

His tracks were becoming more popular in the year 2003, and this is how he began remixing important national talent such as Neztic.

In 2004, he began to win more terrain inside the National Electronic scene, along with his MUKNAUK comrades ( DJ Flout, Marduk Raziel ,Enjoyment Christopher Go, etc) after many versus against another DJs, in which, he showed his excellent technique and style. We must mention that one of his very best versus was against Acid Flux, in the Tekno Massive Attack gig. This helped him to earn more followers, along with followers for MUKNAUK.

In this year, he also started to remix important artists, such as Acid Flux, Flout , Jav (USA), DJ Federico (Spain), Azid (Germany), DJ Kilo (Canada),Dj Arcane (germany)

Jackhamma (germany) , Daniel Obersteiner (germany) DJ Chekk (portugal) Magno (portugal) Ekstrom (sweden) Tim Row (germany) and more

Also, his tracks are now being used by many DJs around the world.

Besides that its tracks begin to to be used by other DJs of Schranz along the world. Its tracks go state in dj charts em diverse webs their dj sets are full of energy and of a style I authenticate owed asu tecnica and

style so many in their tracks as in the mixtures 2 of their tracks they go left in recopy of electronic music

in the volume 10 and 11


too forms part of the booking MATAME with artists of the size of I read laker, arkus p, obi,

patrickdsp, and many but


its mixes more famous

dj yhunykx – [email protected] air rave 2004

dj yhunykx – [email protected] 2004

dj yhunykx – matame session 2004

dj yhunykx – new generation of hard techno vol 2

dj yhunykx – [email protected]

dj yhunykx – live QRT rave party 2004 dj yhunykx-livesouthside2005

dj yhunykx – live zonextremegdl2005

dj yhunykx- MUKNAUK session2005

Throughout his career, he had performed in places inside the country like Tampico (with Konstantin from Russia),

Queretaro (Club Underground and the City Museum),

Tlaxcala (Festival Prometeo 2002),




Estado de Mexico,





Also performed in clubs such as:


Bar Lulu


Dada X

Rokotittlan Sur

Bar Animal

x tatic

moon longe





He has given interviews to

Tampico 97.7, radio station;

in the TV show Byblomania;


Radio Zapote 94.1;


Canal Once; Radio Comercial and to Hidalgoâ??s TV and radio.

He has shared decks with important national DJs like:

DJ Flout, Luvok, Nafta, Klang, Chrysler, Martin Parra, Terrestre, Planktonman,

Sintoma, Pol Habif, Koblenz, Zenith, Cibernia, Tanke, Stuart,Marduk Raziel , acid flux

bleep , wafth , prodchi , hydro, enjoyment

And international artists like:

Andreas Kremer (Germany), Mijk Van Dijk (Germany), Frank Kvitta (Germany),

DJ K.I.S.S. (France), Niels (Germany), Taito (Panama) and Guanido (Italy)

Dj Chekk. (portugal) travis lea (usa)

booking :


[email protected]