Top 25k on The DJ List

Yellow Idol Project

Tehran, Iran



born in 1984 in Tehran and grew up in an average family with so many ups and downs. did not do very well at school because the music was all the mind and soul so the young DJ would rather listen to the favorite type of music than studying and doing boring home works. but when got older found out how useful education could be for a professional Electronic life. used to suppose that could never have a DJ-set in this country so got sort of disappointed but kept living in Electronic dreams.and then in 2000 made friend with a guy Farzaad Raad AKA: (DJ Faraad) who was DJing at a friend’s party. the young DJ was captivated by the real DJ-set. And this was when started to learn DJing tips and spinning Trance vinyls at parties and producing new tracks.