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MISS YEIKA (dj/producer/singer) was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). She currently lives in Buenos Aires (ARG). She started as a professional dj 2008, as a participant in important local events in the country where she live and playing alongside dj’s with national recognition. Director and founder of TU ZONA V.I.P (Your V.I.P Zone) program that is broadcast in La Jota Stereo 99.4 Fm /2009-2011/ The program aims to promote culture in the city dj, Now she directed MISS YEIKA SHOW, radio web program. During here career, too, has played as a professional model, announcer, presenter (tv), and in the field of performance. In the educational part is a graphic designer, now designs different brands, one of this is the image of the station where Dj.Yeika work.

In 2009 ranked seventh in the dj seletion made in Quindio (COL) as the only woman to reach this rating, an event which attracted over 30 participants. Now she is the official image of MEGASONICA ESCUELA DE DJ’S (MEGASONICA DJ’S SCHOOL), TRACKMASTER ESTUDIO DE AUDIO Y VIDEO (TRACKMASTER STUDY OF AUDIO AND VIDEO), AND MUJERES DJ’S DE COLOMBIA (COLOMBIA WOMANS DJ’S). In the 2011 she is the official voice of Tribute Love Parade in Memoriam event (COL).

A main objective of the dj is be the engine of an event and give the public the most of himself, “THE PUBLIC AND THE MUSIC IS A SINGLE WAVE” this is the motto that has represented Dj.Yeika in each of their presentations.

- Dj music gender: HOUSE

- Dj/Producer music gender: HOUSE (All types)

- Nominations:

Dj/Producer of the year 2011 – Colombia Dance Awards

Female dj of the year 2012 – Colombia Dance Awards

- Some Club´s and event´s:

Ultra Lake 2011 (Lago Calima-COL), Tribute Love Parade in Memoriam 2011 (Armenia-COL), Angels and Devils Party (Buga-COL), Fashion Party (Sincelejo, COL), Summer Festival (Isla la Bocana), DJ Seletion 2009 (COL), Car Audio 2009 (COL), Electronic Festival (COL), Expomoda Colombia RCN (COL), Festival Electro Reggaeton (Armenia), Love Party (Buenaventura), Night Special (Armenia), Salamandra V.I.P, El gato con botas, Capachos discoteca, Mystic Club, Dragon Club, La Rinconada Disco, among others.

- DJ´s with whom he shared events:

Joy Kitikonti (Italy), 2 Faced Funk (HOL), Mariano Santos (ARG), Mara (COL), Electronic Drums Project (COL), Cesar Gonzalez dj (COL), Christian Klein (ARG), Juan K dj (COL), Antonio Fragossi (ES), Dj Vionic, Dj Nexxo, Dj Way (Popayán-COL), Deep Saund (Manizales), Dj Houbeat (COL), Ohara (PE), Phantom (COL), Dr.Fly, Andres Morales (ES), Le Tron (USA), Jhon Gutierrez (COL), among others.

- Radio Stations, TV, Magazines and shows:

Beat Music (COL-ES) Voz oficial, La jota Stereo 99.4 fm(COL), Morroa Stereo 94.3 fm (Sincelejo), Radio Policia Nacional 95.7 (Sincelejo), Mundo 89.0 fm (COL), Super Estación (COL), Tropicana Stereo (COL), Tuluá Stereo 96.1 fm (COL), Tu Zona V.I.P (program director and founder) 2009-2011, Tu Zona V.I.P TV, Dosis TV (Sincelejo), El Weekend TV, Revista Lea (COL), Zona Elite, Revista Linea F, Les Unique (USA), Tenerife sunshine radio (ES), MISS YEIKA SHOW (ARG),among others.

- Radio programs:


TU ZONA V.I.P (2008 – 2011)

- Web sites:

(COL-ES) – BEAT MUSIC (Official voice)

(COL) – CDA Colombia Dance Awards

(Miami-USA) – The Dj List

(COL) – Womens DJS Colombia

(COL) – Megasonica Djs School (Official image)

- Official web sites:

Facebook Page: DJYEIKA

- Label:



- Albums / EP:

HOTIBER STREET – Available now!

I’M NOT A BAD GIRL – Available now!

- Productions:

- Turn On (Original mix) Tech House by Yeika (2011)

- Bonga (Original mix) Tech House by Yeika, Electronic Drums Project, Lazardi feat.

- I’m not a bad girl (Original mix) Tech House by Yeika, Electronic Drums Project feat.

- Dibidabadu (Original mix) Minimal House by Yeika

- Y.E.I.K.A RULES (Original mix) Tech House by Yeika

- Incomplete (Original mix) Deep House by DjYeika

- Soul sister (Original mix) Deep House by DjYeika (2011)

- Kitty (Original mix) Tech House by DjYeika (2011)

- My own world (Original mix) Tech House by DjYeika (2011)

- My magic box (Zipopotamuz remix) Tech House by DjYeika (2010)

- My Hotiber street (Original mix) Tech House by DjYeika (2010)

- El día que me quieras (Version violin) Tech House by DjYeika (2010)

- Barbie girl (Remix) Electro House by DjYeika (2010)