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Yash India

Mumbai, India


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Dj Yash India is currently Brand endorse / Brand Ambassador


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Yash aka DJ Yash India

All most plays all genre in India

Including underground, PSY, Trance , EDM , BDM ,Trap and many more.Biography

About Yash Ghadi aka (DJ YASH INDIA)

India’s some of the youngest DJ’s started djing at the age of 14 now its been 4 years passionate about music performing for the people and making them fall with true music according to there mind set this is what Yash do he don’t just change or play music he swings the mood of person listening to his music making his name in flim industry too the latest marathi song is supported by DJ YASH INDIA ( Dhingana film Me yatoy ) and more

Yash aka (Dj Yash India ) is an 5 star performer

Been an Producer and DJ he is working with National & International artist supported by the worlds best. ( Kevu ,showstoppers ,Project91 , Etc)

Since Yash aka DJ YASH INDIA has also performed for Yolk 2018

And many other charity shows this makes him more happy and he belives that every person has right to enjoy music

Yash performs for free for charity around India.

When it comes to supporting other artist Yash has been supporting almost each and every artist who are reaching to him personaly getting in touch with the desrving giving them support as much as he can. Humble with his work

Making money is not his point so he does collage fest for 50% off

He says collage go almost each and everywhere conveyance the spouncer. He don’t need money he needs his own family who loves him a lot so what can he get more then getting supported by the young generation who loves him because of his music.

And more…….