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Yaroslav Garcia

Mexico, Mexico

Tech House, Techno

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Yaroslav García was born on September 16, 1989 in the beautiful port of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Her musical tastes were very marked from early age by his sister and his cousin, the latter changed totally the perception of the electronic music into Yaroslav gave a disc of “Progressive” to him, who influenced totally the style that would please more for listening and to mix in his set’s. It he was running the year 2000 when this happened. For the above mentioned prime 2003 it he gave her a disc: “GLOBAL” of Paul Van Dyk, who would obsess more Yaroslav, This way 2 years passed of listening to electronic music of all styles, it was in this at the time where it decided that his taste for the electronic music was not going to end there; he obtained a DEMO of the famous program " Virtual DJ " and began to realize his first mixings (very bads), after it he was perfecting his way of mixing and at the end of 2006, obtained another DEMO, this time of " Ejay Techno 5 " program to produce electronic music of there was born the project " Dancing Under The Moon " (Tribal-House’s project.) first track was “The Dirty Dance” and several tracks more (though Yaroslav does not even like so we do not speak about them). Nowadays it works with the program " Ableton Live 7 ", with which he continues producing.