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Yang (Sg)

Singapore, Singapore

Hip-Hop, Open Format

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With his headphones on, where he feels the soul of music. DJ YANG smiles and says “There isn’t one day that I could live without music.”

Born on October 12, 1990 in Singapore, Charles Lim is taking the musical world by storm under the alias DJ YANG. This young man discovered his love for music at the age of 11 and music to him was an addiction. Like most musically inclined children, he was brought into this world by hearing and falling in love with what his older siblings and others were listening to. As years passed, he visited many clubs when he was of mature age, to learn the different genres of music which sparked his interest in DJ-ing and to share the love of music.

YANG’s first big break came in 2011, where it saw him buying his first ever DJ Controller. He was painstakingly self-taught for a year by going through countless videos on websites such as YouTube. He pulled through by reminding himself “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on it for so long.”

In 2012, YANG brought his interest to the next level. YANG joined DanceNMusic (SINGAPORE), under the close supervision of his Master DJ James T, his skills was brought to the next level. He bought his first ever pair of Technics turntables. YANG has always been a multi-genre DJ. He have always been a music lover and never been a DJ that sticks to one format. It all came from being a birthday party DJ, high school party DJ, club DJ and an events DJ.

YANG then went on to hone his skills by securing gigs at various bars and clubs in Singapore such as Blu Jaz, Club Avatar and Club Attica just to name a few and also by rocking many events and parties. In 2013, it saw him making it through to the Pioneer DJ Pro Series Battle heats round among the huge pool of DJs that participated. YANG has climbed the heights and made exceptional progress and had since “wow-ed” many around him. He gained recognition from many event companies and other famous local DJs. Over the seas, a London based female group, Anything But Monday (former Nayer crew) had also shown interest and contacted him with regards to the promotion of their music.

Raise your heads high and just make sure to keep a look out next time from the dance floor. Well, it might just be DJ YANG that had you dancing!