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Y3 Ssin

Radès, Tunisia

Funk / R&B, Hip-Hop

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►Born on 16 august , 1997 in Radès.Tunisia.

Y3SSIN is one of young Tunisian’s rising talents who start making a name for himself as a heavy-hitter in the electronic music world.

At the age of 17, He began learning remixing and mixing music , After falling in love with the Tech House,Deep House & Trap scene

one year later he won the first price of Major remix competition " sammaani el benna"then he join Drop Music Label that provides him a great

deal of experience and made him all the more confident to interact with the crowd.

Starting off by doing some edits and primary mixes and he soon found out that he could create his own productions too.

Y3SSIN ’s sound is always in evolution, ready to play every new electronic tendence grooves,a rhythm that makes you move.

This is just the beginning. Like the new #1 DJ in the world Hardwell says: If you can dream it, you can do it.

The future is wide open.

Lives to make people dance.

Todays Music. Tomorrows Sound.