Santiago, Chile

House, Trance


Written by DJ Xtrainsun Staff

Music has been the greatest passion of the life of `s of Xtrainsun and has always felt the necessity to share that passion with people. A main support in its native Chile .recuentos of Stgo Albornoz its first brush with bringing ahead its passion for music in the soft age of 8 years. In the early days of his race, he played files in lead-in the demonstrations of the disc where its sound was centered in music of the club of the Chilean parade of the letter.

Narrowing its reach to a fusion of the loaded blows of the house on a low heavy furrow, playing then begun of Xtrainsun towards outside in an affluent club known in Stgo I call Xtrance.Energy. Being against to the sounds and the tendencies of the time.

creating its own distinguishing style and sound.

Of this, the mixed series first of Xtrainsun Space Remixes given straight was taken. Shortly after, it formed his label of registry, Xtrance.Energy and is creating a new record series called High Voltage. He also mixed the discogrfica series Go Play and forming a powerful Chilean pair of dj call Landing 914.

For The future

is preparing tour by all Santiago for the inauguration of the new record series High Voltage.

Now best as know xpndR.