Xetro Beatport


Sagi Amir, better known as Xetro, was born at the 3rd’ of November 1986. At the age of 13 he started making music. He produced a psy-trance track named ‘Distorted Reallity’ with another guy named ‘Alo Malo’ and got a small release at “Trancelucent Records” on the album “empty hand”. Sagi produced behind the name ‘Vortex’.

Xetro has developed his own style, something between NRG and tech-trance with some psy elements. Recently, Xetro produced the tune ‘My Addiction’ that was played at ASOT by Armin Van Buuren.

Xetro is keeping for himself almost all his productions to keep his unique style. As for the gigs Xetro played at the best clubs in Israel and ILTA Events at Vox club, Haoman 17 Jerusalem and more.

Xetro is a promising star in the Tech-Trance music scene, you better hear him Live!