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  • Verboten May 2014 Lineup

    Verboten welcomes spring by bringing the world’s best underground dance music talent to Brooklyn ...

    Thu 1st May 9 PM
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Dj Xeno, born 1974 in Germany

Sometimes, the life goes strange ways to show you, where is your special talent.

Dj Xeno started 2007 to play in a virtual game called Second Life. In this game it was possible to visit a lot of virtual Clubs where Dj s where spinning a lot of different styles of music.

He got curious about it, and so he started to get a Dj in SL. His favourite Style of music was Trance, Vocal Trance and Progressive Trance. He got much experience and 2008 he became a resident Dj at Dance Island, the world largest virtual Club.

Every week a lot of People all over the world listen to his mixes. He was inspired from ARMIN van Buuren, Tiesto, Markus Schulz and much more Trance Producer. From this time he wants more.

He did everything to get his equipment perfect. 2009 he started at the internet radio

Here you can listen to his TrAnCe-X-eMoTiOnS journey bi weekly Wednesday from 19.00 to 21.00(met)

His Destination is to spin in clubs and my hope is that he will produce tunes for us someday by his own, because his taste of music is absolutely great.

[ T ] [ R ] [ A ] [ N ] [ C ] [ E ]

Is the resulting state of mind which achieves once, the Soul, the Sound and the Beat becomes one!