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Known as the French gay scene pioneer, Xavier Seulmand is DJ and producer. He began his DJ’ing career back in 1983. He then established himself as one of the main DJs on the French gay scene holding residencies at the BH and at Le Klub (Paris), a venue where, from 1986 to 1997, he became an emblematic figure, for the Butch parties (1st edition 1998-2004). At the same time, he performed for various GTD such as Le Palace (1992-1993), La Scala (2002 and 2007/2008) and Les Bains-Douches (2006) as well as for numerous parties known as Dispatch, Submission, Blaukaus, Decadence, Atmosphere, Home Deluxe (1st edition), Juice (Amsterdam), Space of Sound (Madrid, Paris), Gus Deluxe (Paris, London, Brussels),Delice (Barcelone), Crazyvores, Pinky Boat, Physical, D-Sturb, What Else, Beardrop, Cardiodancing, Beardrop … He also appeared at venues such as the world-renowned Queen club, Redlight, La Loco, L’Empire, Mix, L’Elysée Montmatre, Concorde Atlantique, Palais de Tokyo, Maxim’s… and took part in various Prides (Marseilles, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris) as well as in fashion events (LVMH, Fendi, DIM, Alex Rotin…) and charitable organizations.

Influenced by many bands (Depeche Mode, DAF, Killing Joke, New Order, Bowie, Visage…), he rapidly created his own style which is easily recognizable and he is now famous for his harmonious and flowing blends remixes. His music is very well-structured and often fuses various pieces which he frequently renews so as to appropriate them and get a new sound out of it. He’s also the leader of the Progressive House.

Labels: Resolution Records, Massive Music ( label created by Cyril Morin/Some Players), Rage Records, Elettika Records

Albums : NES “Feel Human” (Massive Music/Some Players,2007) with the composer Cyril Morin, and the dj Nicolas Nucci .

“Excess” (Rage Records,2011)