Top 50k on The DJ List

Xavier Sa

Khobar, Saudi Arabia

House, Trance

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Xavier was born in Dhahran – Saudi Arabia in 1986 , Xavier become a Dj because he like’s to change something in his life like he does everyday with changing the music style, ‘I start Dj mixing after i attend the Tiesto’s concert in Bahrain in 2007, i was listening to the that fat beat . So i started mixing after that night till these days’.‘I started 1st with mixing a House music for a few months, after that i started in Electro House with a bit Dance Trance & Progressive’. I played in many Royal and additional parties in Khobar & Bahrain.

Xavier start’s producing music and mix with his sets which he loves playing it for the Gulf. In a while of mixing with the crowed Xavier hit the #1 in the dj list in between the Saudi Djs .

The future for Xavier promises yet further success, as the DJ we know him to be. ‘New album, more remixes, definitely,’ he agrees, ‘but it’s hard to look too far into the future. Every couple of months it seems that something new, unexpected and exciting is happening!’