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Raffaele Santi a.k.a. X-Mind started to listen to electronic music and Hardcore in the mid‘90s In a short time he decided to become a DJ and started to buy records. After 3 years he discovered Drum & Bass and started to play in the Italian Underground while also developing a chill-out sideproject.

In 2003 X-Mind become resident at a rock club alongside DJ Fluid playing Psytrance, Drum & Bass and Hardcore. They soon found they worked well and created the DLScrew and the Industrial Frenchcore project D.O.M. which soon evolved into a strong live set. Together they released records with Psychik Genocide, Neurotoxic and Head Fuck Negative.

In 2009 due to a difference in musical point of view the two producers made the decision to develop new solo carears. X-mind was born with the release of “Mescaline” on Turnover / Mackitek.

Now you can find X-mind Frenchcore releases on Darkside Underground (Scotland), N.e.Tunes Records (Italy) and Antistatic (Russia) as well as Darkcore on Paralisy Records.