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X Calator

Nantes, France


X Calator Beatport


Born the 29th of July 1982 in a little town west of France, this young boy starts to learn drums very soon, and understood that he gave a particular interest to electronic sounds and beats.

At the age of 17, he starts to enter the nightlife, and discovers clubs, one especially, where the music sounds perfectly with what he is looking for. Fascinated by the dj and the sounds playing there, he stays all nights long looking at this man, with whom a real friendship will be born. During this period he discovers trance music and artists like Push, Yves Deruyter, L.Vee, Paul Van Dyk, etc.

Then week after week, he learned the way of DJing. He started to make his own productions, under M.I.K.E. still Craig Armstrong influences, and always under the wings of Anthony M., resident of that special club (Le Cristal) which welcomes artists like Yves de Ruyter, M.I.K.E.,etc.

Each time Anthony M. is playing his tracks, the dancefloor is totally upside down. One of them will become the Anthem of the Translucides Nights, the main and successful Trance event of the club, where Klem’s plays with his friends: Dj Tax, Dj Lane, Miss Liloo and Anthony M.

In the beginning of 2005 he finally decides to build his own studio, and really starts to produce tracks with stronger sounds. After weeks of work, he finishes a complete cd of his tracks, in very different styles, and starts to send demos to few labels.

Albert Vorne discovers this little frenchy trance lover appearing in attached signature on the web site of X-Calator. Curious about that, he listen to some previews on the website and decides to contact him for more information. After few weeks, Albert Vorne decides to sign this new artist on his famous label: MAZEMAN.