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Wrecktal Destruction

Nashville, United States

Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Perihelion: The point in the orbit of a celestial object at which it is closest to the sun.

John Bush, better known as Perihelion, is a UK Hardcore DJ who uses all his talents to make your night unforgettable. As a promoter, he brings together out of this world lighting, the most bangin’ sound and talented DJs from across the world to his monthly all-ages events in Nashville. As a DJ, he provides your ears with the slammin’ sounds of UK Hardcore with the occasional assist from J-Core and Electrocore.

In 2008, Perihelion was working as the Technical Director for Nashville’s biggest Anime Convention – MTAC. During the rave, he got to know one of the local DJs involved after the police shut the event down and they were forced to spend some quality time together. A friendship grew and Perihelion started secretly spinning on his new friend’s gear as he slept. The multi-genre DJ had everything under the sun but John immediately knew Hardcore was the only sound he wanted to play. Now, years later, he packs the dance floor and has the pleasure of playing alongside some of the top names in Hardcore such as Dougal, Gammer, S3RL, Hixxy, Kevin Energy, Orbit1, Cotts and Ravine.

Perihelion hosted the first Tennessee EDM party, Welcome to Zebulon, in June 2009. They started small but TN EDM has grown into one of the largest all-ages crews in the southeast. By providing a truly multigenre event with a focus on the harder styles of dance music, Perihelion continually attracts diehard fans from across the nation to his monthly events. He can’t imagine life without the Hardcore sound.

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