World Beatport


World was born a native of Chicago. He established a love for music very early, his parents can remember him singing and mimicking his father, a well know jazz musician as early as age 2. World’s love for music grew as he tagged along on concert tours with his parents. In addition, World received formal music training for most of his early years and eventually he bought a few records, the rest is history.

In 1988, World occasionally opened for parties at the University of Chicago’s Blue Gargoyle, which at the time was a well-known underground party spot. Many of Chicago’s legendary DJs were known to frequent the Gargoyle. The events at Blue Gargoyle allowed World to share the stage with many of Chicago’s legendary house DJs.

In 1989, World attended the University of Illinois where he became heavily involved with WBML 89.3 fm where he and friend, Phil Strong hosted the “RAP DOWN” for one-hour daily four times a week.

In the early 90’s World increased his listening audience by spinning campus parties at University of Illinois, Eastern Illinois Univ., Illinois State Univ. and by making mix tapes. As a result of his popularity in on campus word spread and he was often hired to return to Chicago on the weekend to DJ for large club events. Since, that time World has played most of Chicago’s premiere nightclubs, been featured on the Tony Sport’s Mix Tape Vol. 1 and The Sprite All-star Mix Tape Vol. 1 as well as other mixtape projects. Not only has World made his mark in the Chicago club scene but he has also been fortunate enough to have maintained a health national event calendar and has toured as a feature DJ. Some national industry events World has played at have included but not been limited to concerts, listening parties, release parties and appreciation events.

World is also the founder of the Soul Selectors, an elite Chicago based entertainment trade organization which is comprised of over 100 DJs as well as producers, on-air personalities and music industry execs. Currently the Soul Selectors have several members spread across the country.