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Dj Wolfie headlines parties from coast to coast, both in main stream venues and the underground circuit. In 2011, he’s played NYE in Los Angeles, Valentine’s day in San Fran, and headlined Fuente Eterno, a festival in Mexico.

For the last three years, hes played at Coachella Music Festival- on the bill with Prince,Roger Waters, The Cure, Tiesto. He’s also played The Optimus Alive festival in Portugal with Rage against the machine, Bob Dlan, and Niel Young, The All Points West Festival in New York with Radiohead, Underworld, and Jack Johnson.

His music features a broad range of funky tunes with ass shaking beats. He throws some of the wildest invitation only events in Los Angeles, regularly packing in 1000 or more people to artistic fueled musical extravaganzas.

CityBeat Describes him as a ” turntable legend and partytarian, DJ Wolfie is a soft-spoken rock-breaks specialist with a room-filling rep and a cult leader’s blissed-out charisma; his dominion is extended through his parties ”