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DJ Wolf is a Do It All DJ. He has numerous talents that pack dance floors all up and down the East Coast. Among his talents, he has been a popular radio host, exposing the Allentown market to top dance songs from across the world. All the while, mixing live and hosting this show in a believable “British” accent. Another trait are his mixshows, which air on many radio markets across the country, playing only the best new dance, as well as some older, but still popular recurrent.

For years, the tools of his trade have been Technic 1200’s, and he would come armed with one CD book and 3 record crates of vinyl. Although vinyl is still preferred, the convince of cd’s and the lightness that they offer, has made him expand his horizons. Since traveling more frequently, he has embraced new technology and has settled on a pair of Pioneer CDJ1000 MK3’s and a Pioneer mixer, which he takes along wherever he goes. With this setup, he can manipulate Cd’s and MP3’s as though they were vinyl and do tricks that once only used to be possible with vinyl.

His experiences range from being a resident DJ to being a mobile DJ. He has done everything from school dances and proms to birthday parties and weddings. Being a mobile DJ has been a great influence over the years. At age 16, he had his first residency and in the past 10 years he has been in every club scene imaginable. From Hip-Hop clubs to Techno events. From Alternative Lifestyle clubs to Top 40 and Billboard clubs and events. His career, spanning a decade, has had him playing all genres of music. He prefers to play Dance and House music, but will play Hip-Hop if the need arises, as he is very skilled in playing both Dance and Hip-Hop genres.