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Wolf Detrix

Washington, United States

House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco

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After walking into his first rave in Salzburg, Austria at age 13, Wolf Detrix knew there would be no turning back from the EDM scene. When he arrived back to his hometown of Cedar Brook, NJ, he took on the name DJ Faun and started spinning anywhere that he could. Since the demand was low for 13 year old DJs, he initially took an interest in producing electronic music. He started making Happy Hardcore and Hard House beats and giving the tracks to other DJs to play. After some time, he began filling in for those DJs where they had residency, which allowed him to play in Philadelphia, New York, Atlantic City and Baltimore. Some of his major influences have been Hixxy, Scott Brown, Moby, DJ Moon, Benjamin Zane, and last but NOT least Scooter. Years later, as Happy Hardcore faded, so did DJ Faun. Musical tastes started to shift and he decided to produce House, Electro, and Tech House. Fifteen years later, in March 2013, he ended a chapter by opening for his idol Scooter in Salzburg, Austria, the same place he started. To mark the end of his Happy Hardcore era, DJ Faun decided to take on the name Wolf Detrix. As a new resident of Washington DC, Wolf Detrix is already turning a lot of heads and moving a lot of feet.