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Wiss Berg (A.K.A: DJ Wiss, Muranyi, Excelsior) is a well-known DJ and producer. Known for his energetic and danceable mix of grooves, as well as his enthusiastic interaction with the crowd. Born and raised in Jdida city & Casablanca, one of the hottest talents in the market, Wiss Berg this dynamic DJ has been making a huge noise on the DJ circuit since 2000. Humble beginnings, with his love of music at a very young age, and his fascination in mixing, he taught himself by watching and listening to other djs, very talented as he is, he picked up the art very quickly.

starting in high school, he was (and still is) fully entwined in the party scene, mixing at local house parties and clubs. having the recquired ambition, drive, he started working his recordings, dropping mix tape after mix tape and party break after party break, while continuing to DJ at all the hottest clubs in Nancy, Paris, casablanca, Stockholm,…

In University, he quickly became recognized for his skill and gained residency’s dj status at some of Nancy’s biggest student nights mixing 5 nights a week.

What’s next? stay tuned ;)

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